SMP For Women
Scalp Micropigmentation For Women.​


An increasingly popular treatment for women suffering hair loss is Scalp Micropigmentation. This non-invasive, effective procedure can yield excellent results by vastly improving the appearance of thinning hair and bald patches.


Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer’s self image and emotional well being. On the other hand it is considered much more acceptable for men going through the process of hair loss than it ever has been for women. Thankfully, proven methods such as SMP can bring a new lease of life for clients.

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What does SMP involve?

The SMP technique creates the illusion of thicker hair by a process called micropigmentation. A micro-needle is used to create small ink dots between hair follicles on the surface of the scalp.


This delivers natural looking hair density, providing women with noticeable results after only a single session, although additional visits (3 to 4 sessions) are usually required to achieve the best possible outcome.


The whole process is largely pain-free and quick, offering excellent value for money in comparison to other methods. As a result, SMP is effective for thinning hair, female pattern baldness, or even more extreme cases, such as alopecia areata.

What causes female hair loss?

Unlike men, women rarely suffer from a receding hairline. That said, there are more ways women can suffer a loss of hair. The most common of these are:

Stress has been seen to have a profound impact on hair density, potentially leading to thinning and bald patches.



The side effects of certain types of medication have been known to lead to hair loss.


The menopause and hormonal changes that occur in females can sometimes impact the hair.


Lifestyle factors, such as diet, amount of exercise, and the living environment can all impact upon the quality of a woman’s hair.


A factor nobody can control, hereditary hair loss is another common cause of thinning hair and balding.


A physical or psychological trauma is also known to be a factor in female hair loss.

The SMP process for women.

A consultation will take place to enable the client to ask any questions. This will also enable the SMP practitioner to explain the process in further detail and become familiar with the particular case.


Once the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure starts, an expert will carefully part the hair then apply pigments between the hair follicles using a micro-needle. The pigment colours are pre-selected to blend in with the hair coloru, creating an entirely natural appearance that reduces the contrast between the bare scalp and the existing hair.


This creates the illusion of richer, denser hair. The technique involves very little pain and can often be completed within 3 to 4 sessions. Women regularly report fantastic results and a vast improvement in the appearance of hair density.


And if in future the client’s circumstances change and hair grows back, micropigmentation does not interfere with the scalp’s ability to generate new hair. The end result is a huge boost in confidence and a fresh new look.