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CrownedSMP is the leading Scalp Micropigmentation, Plasma Fibroblast and Cosmetic Tattooing Studio in Gold Coast, Queensland. Bridgette upholds exemplary clinical and artistic standards at all times. Each and every client is assured of exceptional results and first class service throughout their time with us.

Scalp Micropigmentation
For Women
Scalp Micropigmentation
For Men
What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Renewed Confidence

The #1 hair loss solution, scalp micropigmentation remains the sole permanent remedy with 100% guaranteed results for both men and woman.

Unlike traditional options like hair transplant surgery, wigs and drug-based therapies, SMP is instantaneous, requires little or no daily maintenance.

After your treatment your appearance are going to be so flawless, you would possibly not even tell your closest friends or relatives about your procedure. Our job is to supply an undetectable illusion of real hair, so you’ll move forward with renewed confidence. 

Skin Tightening

Plasma Fibroblast

Plasma lift is a cosmetic treatment that is non evasive, and the results are comparable to those who opt for plastic surgery without the risk and downtime involved.

This procedure also boosts your collagen, giving the appearance of younger healthier looking skin. With proper treatment techniques, no scars are created and the tightening is long lasting.

HIFU Lifts

The treatment is able to target the deep structural layers of the skin.


HIFU uses ultrasound energy to apply heat to specific depths of the skin which boosts the body’s healing responses, this naturally increases the levels of collagen in the tissues, helping to reduce the sign of ageing, for a younger and more refreshed appearance.

Cosmetic Tattoo

What Do We Do?

Ombre Eyebrows

For the bolder, powder eyebrow finish, this technique uses a full fill for a defined, perfected look with softer/shaded edges.

Combination Eyebrows

These use creative, artistic shading combined with individual hair strokes for a defined look that is still natural.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the lips are the gateway to our emotions, passions and expressions. Beautiful, full, deep coloured lips can make us appear and feel more sensual, more attractive and more confident, and can add the drama to our natural beauty that we’ve been searching for.